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1/25 (36") Scale America's Cup high performance model sailboat

EC12 Meter

5ft Replica of the 1962 Americas Cup 12 Meter

Star 45

45" Scale Model of the Olympic Star Boat

J Class Boat-Shamrock V

1/16 (8'-10')Scale Replica of the 1930's America's Cup Class Yacht

RMG Sail Winches

High Performance sail control winches

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Catalog » RMG Winches

RMG 32zs6 - Tapered Spiral Drum

SKU/ID: RMG-32zs6

Sold Out


Short Description

Max Diam 32 mm
3 turns min Diam 21 mm, 1 turns taper 2 turns
capacity 6 turns 480 mm


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