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CR-914 Fully built Shipping Box

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1/25 (36") Scale America's Cup high performance model sailboat

EC12 Meter

5ft Replica of the 1962 Americas Cup 12 Meter

Star 45

45" Scale Model of the Olympic Star Boat

J Class Boat-Shamrock V

1/16 (8'-10')Scale Replica of the 1930's America's Cup Class Yacht

RMG Sail Winches

High Performance sail control winches

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Building a Travel/Shipping box is not that hard. You can Order one already finished from us or build it your self.

First your boat must be set up to have a removable rig.
Here are some photos of how I do it.
If you saved your kit box it makes life a little easer.

Call your local corrugated box mfg. and ask them to make you a 51"x19"x9" double walled telescoping box. Expect to pay around $40-$49.

Take the transom cradle and reinforce the top and sides as shown

Cut the cross member in the middle and make a crease in the cradle to allow the cross member to be folded aft.

Using white glue glue the Transom cradle the the bottom right corner of the box.

Cut 6"x3" cardboard strips fold in the middle and glue as reinforcement gussets.

Take the bow cradle and cut he top cross piece off.

Using the hull as a guide glue the bow cradle to the box.

Glue reinforcement gussets to secure the bow cradle

Glue a reinforced strip across the top of the bow. Fold the stern flap across the transom and tape. Set boat stand in the upper left of the box. Glue one half of the straps to the box and use Velcro to attach the other half allowing removal of the stand.

Photo to come

Glue and reinforce a 6"x9"x6" box to the large box aft of the bow cradle, this holds the keel and radio.

Fashion a square foam block 2"x2" with a hole in the middle to accept the mast base. Fashion a foam "U" 3"x1" to hold the booms of the mast.



p1010030.jpg (201215 bytes)


Fashion a foam block to hold the masthead crane with the crane facing down. The rig is held in at the masthead.


When shipping this box via UPS be aware that UPS will Dim. weight this box to 30lbs and cost accordingly.
Although the box and boat together will weight less then 22lbs billing will be at 30lbs.





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