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New and Used Boats for sale


The following are New and Used fully built boats that are available for sale now.






Used CR-914 fully restored and ready to go.

Asking $450.00 Currently located at CPM but can be shipped to you.
Shipping charges will apply or it can be picked up here at the shop.



David Brawner Hull #1504 David Brawner Hull #906

David Brawner Hull refurbished by CPM #1504

Includes four rigs and all Electronics except TX/Rx

 1-Light A CPM Rig  w/John B Sails *NEW*

2-Heavy A rigs CPM w/John B Sails *NEW*, RMD w/Black Majic Sails

1- B CPM Rig w/John B Sails


Located AT CPM

This is a GREAT Boat and a fantastic Deal for a complete boat with four rigs and NEW Sails.

David Brawner Hull #906

Includes two Rigs and all electronics w/Spektrum DX6i Radio

1-Light A Rig with DT Sails

1 - B Rig with DT Sails


Located at CPM

This is also a great boat ready to Sail at a very good price.




For more information or to inquire on any of the used boats listed above contact Dave Ramos at CPM





I'm sorry but I do not have any NEW Fully built CR-914, EC12 Meter, Star 45 and J boats ready for sale at this time.
These boats are normally available on a custom order bases only.



If you would like a CR-914 , EC12 Meter, Santa Barbara, Star 45 or J Boat
built to your specifications please
contact Dave at CPM.



If you are interested in selling your used CR-914 please let me know.
I have a large number of customers interested in used boats .

Send me a photo of your boat I will post it on this page with your contact information.

Call me or send me an E-mail